How I Made $2,000 Online This Month For The First Time, Jan. 2011

From: Steve Iser (“The Commission Crusher”)
To: The Next Commission Crusher (You)
You don’t even deserve to be on this page.
Because you almost didn’t make it here – but lucky for you – you did…
Here, let me ask you a question: have you ever seen an X on a treasure map?
What if I told you, “You’re sitting on it…and you don’t realize it yet…”
What if I told you you’ve just stumbled onto a goldmine beyond anything you could’ve ever dreamed up…
You have no clue as to the power of what you are about to be offered.
But whether you know it or not…
You ARE just 10 clicks (no 6 clicks) away from the ONLY software tool that taps into a completely new… completely unexposed… cash juggernaut that’s about 100 times bigger than Clickbank, the biggest online digital marketplace.
Yeah. I said 100 time BIGGER than Clickbank… and about 200 times bigger than every single Internet marketing launch put together. If you think Internet “Gurus” are banking cash, then you’re in for a shock.
We’re talking about a NEW money making universe…
Without breaking a sweat… and without spending any serious time in front of a computer screen.
You’re about to be handed your own exclusive VIP pass to tap those kinds profits within minutes.
You ain’t in Kansas anymore, Dorthy… and that’s why this may NOT be for you.
My suggestion? Go back to your old life. Another uneventful day being you.
Here’s who this is NOT for…
This is NOT for you if you’re convinced it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make more while working less or not at all.
This is NOT for you if you are UNEASY about sneaking up on other 8 figure super affiliates and shamelessly pumping a hefty slice of their cash profits effortlessly into your own bank account.
If that sounds like something you’re not ready for…
You might want to go and buy some other crap out there that both of us know doesn’t work.
This is NOT for you…
And it will NEVER be for you.
If you’re open to the idea of cutting ahead of the pack…
If you can see yourself exploiting technology to work less or barely at all… while laughing all the way to the bank… while everyone else in online remains a slave to the clock…and slave to their workload…
And you want to do it easily…
If that’s you, I want you to sit back… shut up… and listen up. Because you do need to hear this.<
Here’s the ironic thing… Feeling overwhelmed…
Looking at a Clickbank account that’s got tumbleweeds running through it…
Feeling like I needed a win so bad… it’s like nothing else in the world matters.
If that’s you…
Get ready for everything to change on a dime.
Because you’re about to realize that all the EASY money online… has been sitting right under your nose…
But just hidden from your view.
Prepare to go behind the scenes to the most coveted underground and OVERPAID world of pompous super affiliates on the planet… banking up to 40 MILLION per month online.
Then picture how much money you could be banking…
if you knew exactly who these super affiliates are?
Where they are?
And what if you had THE ONLY underground… completely automated…
Funneling life changing cash into your bank account of choice… WITH NO effort on your part.
Imagine this software working through the night TONIGHT… and…
And imagine that $200 per day… grows to $400 per day… later on this month.
And of course… if you want to crank it up to make millions like I do…
It’s just a matter of how many more times you want to run the software.
Look… I am ready to show you the path to pure esoteric money making bliss. But If we’re going down this path together, I’m first going to have to ask you something.
Listen to me carefully here….
You’re wasting your time with…
– Building websites- Getting JV partners- “Building your list”- “Building your brand”- Getting connections.- Attending pathetic conferences.- Learning NEW methods every week.- Doing SEO- Buying the newest guru offering of the week like a battered wife with a bad case of stockholmes syndrome…Because it hasn’t worked. It isn’t working. And there’s a safe bet… that it’ll will never work.
Not because you’re incapable…
But because the whole system is OBSOLETE.where making job crushing and even life altering money DOESN’T come to those who work the hardest…
But to those few insiders who simply know where the treasures are buried.

I’m Steve Iser.
A reformed video game junkie… and now…
A 24 year old millionaire who travels the world whenever he pleases, drives his own fully-loaded Audi TT coupe sports car and lives in a fully-paid luxury condo on the lakeside of downtown Toronto, Canada and most importantly, a fully-loaded bank account.
And here’s just another taste with just a couple minutes of work…

And it sucks for you…
I know because I used to be in your shoes. I know how hard it is to fail to make payments, or to put food on the table.
It sucks for you that… the odds are stacked against you…
with a boss who considers you expendable…
a government that sees you fresh meat…
and most recently a punching bag to some of the slimiest Internet gurus around.
And it sucks that for 95% of you who did NOT find this page… this little tromp through the world of making money online will saddle you with massive black holes of debt you may never crawl your sorry way out of…
And it’s a sad statement. But here’s ‘the god’s honest truth.
I… Steve Iser, I’m all you’ve got.

Whether you’re retired, unemployed…
Or a 16 year old Bieber lovin’ teeneee bopper.
I’m it.
Because I understand one thing.
I understand you can lap up EVERY guilty pleasure that comes across your path. Lord knows I have.
I don’t just believe that. I live it.
At my young age… I’ve learned that the only thing that matters to me in my life right now… is to bite down hard into the BILLIONS of dollars of profits online being unclaimed RIGHT NOW.
For myself… and for my many now wealthy students.
And doing it all legitimately. And legally… but effortlessly of course.
The rest of the world can be damned as far as I’m concerned.
But not my students…
The rush I get from helping a raw rookie make his first ONE HUNDRED dollars per day… means more to me now than making my next million.
Now I don’t know you… but I know that YOU deserve to experience that.
And maybe that’s why I’m the only guy who seems to care enough about your success to actually hold your hand until you’re securely on the other side of the money mountain.
Just ask my student Jamie Mosely who’s making up to…… using the system you’re about to access.And Sean Tillman who’s now travelling around the world without a laptop… and making up to $30,000 Per Month in his first year seriously marketing online.
So you’ve got ask yourself…
If these two average folks can do it, so can you.
So why are they making money like that? And you’re still chasing the latest guru flavor of the week.
Because they decided to learn from me – because they have what you’re about to have in the next 3 minutes – the Commission Crusher software.
In fact, I will PROMISE you… that I am the only product creator online…
who successfully tests out his systems with 60 people from every walk of life… in every major industry.
Before I even THINK of releasing it to the public…
Well, that’s the “guru” you’re listening to now.
And there’s your first clue as to why my students are pulling down up to…

Sometimes within their first few days with one of my products… while you’re still floundering around like last week’s fried fish fillet…
Still waiting for your breakthrough moment.
And for a lot of people out there who DIDN’T find their way to this page…
That breakthrough moment will NEVER come.

Ya know they say “there is no shortage of talented losers out there”.
And three years ago that’s exactly what I was.
Too busy nursing a bad gaming addiction… and a passion for hacking… for my talents to ever see the light of day.
And I was sick of never having enough money.
I turned to the Internet for the answer… but was getting nowhere.
TIRELESS hours spent marketing with eBay, Clickbank, Amazon, and even Twitter failed to pay even a single bill…
Even the “Gurus” had promised me the world that I would be making thousands but I had nothing to show for it…
The hacker in me started to pipe up in my head.
If I was going to get anywhere in this business, it was going to be through the BACKdoor.
Many of you may not realize this…
They operate on black servers…. BURIED by an endless web of massive firewall hacks. I’m talking off the grid… virtually INVISTIBLE… to EVERYONE…even the Feds.
Everyone but me that is.
My gift for hacking allowed me to practically walk right in everyday.
So that’s what I did.
I’d spend my nights scanning for insider information.
But not just any insider information… information I could use to actually pay off some debts and get that anal landlord off my back. Because after spending so much money trying to buy the next best secret to getting rich online, the debt kept piling up.
So I kept looking for trends… ANYTHING I could exploit to make REAL money online.

I can still remember them spouting off about the numbers they used to pull down numbers I thought were reserved for pompous Texas Oil Tycoons – a group that called themselves the NINES.
Weird because there were only 4 of them.
Apparently they got that name because they go crazy until they’ve made their 9th million that month.
We’re talking about TRUE money making all stars that make people that make top marketing “gurus” look like hapless hobos.
The self made elite…
So with no cash to my name, I started tracking their every movement.
Waiting for the day I could meet up with them and pick their bulging marketing brains.
I literally would bribe the security at their VIP conferences. You’d catch me sneaking into their seminars.
Any old dirty money making nugget I could get my hands on… made the trip worth it.
Then there was the seminar of April of 2007 in New York City. I walked in HOURS before the meeting was supposed to go down… in the very hotel the NINES were supposed to be staying at.

I catch out of the corner of my eye four guys that didn’t seem to belong – they looked like total bums straight out of the Venice beach Boardwalk.
They’re sitting in the lounge laughing it up…
I can still remember thinking to myself… these weren’t men – these were gods.
I look a little closer and… bingo. My suspicions were confirmed.
It was the NINES. Every last one of them… all at one table… just hanging out. No gatekeepers… and they were within arms length.
Closer than I’d ever gotten before…
And to make matters even sweeter, they were more than a few beers in… this was my big chance.
I gathered myself. Greeted them with firm handshakes all around, and sat down.
I hit them with my passion, poured my heart out.

I had nothing to lose.
I told them about everything… my strategy… my research… my plans the countless hours I was spending trying to model their moves…
I explained how I SEEMED to be following their steps. But for some odd reason… they kept making millions each month…and I still couldn’t pay the rent.
What was I missing?!?
They stood still for a second with a look of pity that I’ll never forget…
That’s when one of them piped up…
It was Arty… the sloppiest looking one of the bunch. But by the look of it, he seemed to be in charge.
They all quieted down as he laid down the golden nugget that…
“You’re on the right track kid”… he said.
“but your downfall is that you’ve been working WAY too hard.”
He continued…
“You know the difference between an amatuer fisherman and a PROFESSIONAL..”
I was too paralyzed to come up with the answer…
So he kept going…
“An amature throws out his line and waits for fish to come to HIM.
A professional… GOES where the fish ALREADY ARE in drove and then just sticks out his net… and he doesn’t just feed himself with that catch… he feeds a small city.”

Why did he do that? What did he owe me?
I later realized he wasn’t being nice… he NEVER in his wildest wet dreams thought I’d be able to use that formula.
It was too complex and required HOURS of research… just to find even one POSSIBLY profitable opportunity.
To make the kind of money they made…required a research team of HUNDREDS of employessworking overseas.
Every word he spoke to me… was recorded by a MP3 player I had running in my pocket With my Olympic level programming skills and hacking tools, I had everything I needed to automate that entire process he just outlined.

This meant that in one single night… I could clone their ENTIRE business with a push of a button… and have profits fall securely into my neglected bank account.
I rang up an old hacker friend and told him his skills were finally about to do some good for the world.
I told him we were about to create a perpetual money making machine… beyond anything even Michael Bay could’ve dreamed up.
He was game.
And we got to work with five laptops running all at the same time…
The goal was to have it work in two simple steps
1. Money Making Intelligence

To build a covert Black Box that would download the ENTIRE Internet’s most profitable websites…

Then analyze it to find ONLY websites that are ALREADY making money… using the same profit algorithm Arty & The NINE’s used to create risk free windfall profits to the tune of up to 40 million dollars a month.
It was like breaking into the Internet Treasury and walking out with a million in cash without anyone suspecting a thing.

ANYTHING that could POTENTIALLY lose money… would be immediately rejected by the software.
2. The Money Suction Funnel
To develop a six click strategy.
Yeah I said just six clicks…
To legally… and with NO risk… funnel those profitable flows of traffic and ALL the money that came along with it.
Directly into our bank accounts.
A money making machine that could even make the Federal Reserve printing press jealous… It required no technical knowledge.
No maintenance.
Just a stealth system for suctioning profits from every last drop of the massive ocean of money known as the world wide web…
– in every niche.
– in every market.
– no exceptions.
– and no limits.
Part of me felt like this way WAY too good to be true.
But another part of me was having fun imaging our boats and sports cars and models we mightbe soon enjoying.
We worked so hard creating this bad boy… we thought our fingers would fall off.
Naturally… we did nothing but sleep for the next 48 hours.
We must’ve forgotten…
The software was running as we slept…
And the money funnel function was activated…
I had to call my hacker buddy to the monitor just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.
He walks over, and next thing I know, he’s having the same reaction.
I hate to admit this…
But we started to jump up and down in our PJ’s like high school cheerleaders trying to get on the varsity squad.
Because what we both saw in my inbox.
I never thought I could go to sleep and wake up in a new tax bracket.
But that’s exactly what happened…
When the profits for the month were calculated, these were the total commissions I had coming to me.
Now remember:

– I had NO customer service to deal with.
– NO product.
– NO list.

On that day we dubbed the software tool we had created… the only named that seemed appropriate.And the beauty is..
Because these hidden profit geysers keep popping up EVERY DAY like a Whack-A-Mole.
The Commission Crusher system keeps exploiting new profitable campaigns faster than you could ever cash in on them.
And it does it all… while you tan on the beach with a mini-umbrella in your margarita.
And if you think this is just another tired guru scheme that’s ALREADY been exploited to no end.
Think again.
because as you may already know, the pages on the Internet are growing at an breakneck pace of 1 Billion pages per day!
That’s 12,000 pages per second. With an additional 11 MILLION users per month…

Fast forward to today, at this point… my bank account is FATTER THAN EVER… while the rest of the world is on an economic diet.
I’ve reached every goal I’ve set. In fact I’ve obliterated them. Because I’m able to generate profits to the tunes of $281,191 per month using the Commission Crusher Software
It happened, I’m done, I did it. it felt great but not as good as I had hoped.
Maybe it was a bit too easy.
I go back to my golden rule we mentioned earlier…
You can lap up every guilty pleasure that comes across your path, but the only thing that’ll really matter in the end is how many people you actually helped out.
You’ve got all the money you need…
But you’re all alone?
Feels kinda empty. In my book.
There comes a point when you’re maxed out. You want to share the experience…
Because there’s more than enough to go around.
It was time to let people just like you get behind the wheel of Commission Crusher.
And watch THEIR bank accounts detonate and increase by 10 fold. Just like mine.
Here’s proof that it worked for others and it can work for you – if you want it work for you:
We started with Joanne Everett from St. Paul Minnesota,…
She flicked the switch on the software. For some reason I still can’t understand… she wanted to make money with Clickbank offers.
So we set it up for Clickbank and here’s what her Clickbank account looked like the following week:
Then I gave it to Sammy Fleming, and he started making money on the first day. He now fancies himself a world traveler… able to live out his dreams.
WITHOUT a laptop while the Commission Crusher picks up the tab every single time…
Here are HIS monthly earnings as he tromped around Amsterdam this entire month.
And now the only question is…
Who’s next?

Are you?
Because after seeing countless lives transformed by this software.
Now it’s time to pass the torch to a new generation of money hungry rookies who quailfy.
Will you be one of them?
Only you can decide that.
Either way it’s vital that you understand… what’s happening here today.
I’m releasing a software system…
That allows any newbie…
Even if you’ve got nothing but 50 bucks to his name to…
1 – Find traffic with a click of a button… to the tune of 600K uniques per week… And HUNDREDS per day overwhelming your bank account… and yes! Do it all overnight.
2 – Effortlessly siphon top tier affiliates commissions straight into your bank account using my tried & true strategies never before disclosed to the public.
3 – And do it as many times as you like… day or night.
And best of all? WITHOUT…
– ZERO risk.
– ZERO experience.
– ZERO listsmembers.
– ZERO products.
And the truth is… we haven’t even BEGUN to explore the full potential of this underground money making machine… but the new batch of conquerors I’m about to scoop up right now… we’ll be are well on our way.worth of hidden but PROVEN profitable…untapped traffic sources.
With more popping up every day… in fact every SECOND of every day.
While everyone else is busy doing “keyword research” and “building links”
Imagine legally cloning the profitable campaigns of money making MONSTERS doing 10s ofmillions per month.And then imagine that in JUST SIX clicks of your mouse… is all it takes to have FLASH floods of cash to spill headfirst into your bank account… waiting for you to spend on your latest indulgence… before you can even log onto your computer in the morning.
ENDING your pathetic cycle of debt.
Ending your YEARs of heartache, fear and dependence that have made your life so miserable you don’t even recognize yourself anymore.
Let me take this moment to remind you…
That if you are lucky enough to be one of the ONLY marketers online to access Commission Crusher before this video gets torn down like wrapping paper on Christmas morning.
You see, nothing like this technology exists to date.
Because it’s a lot like giving money from the rich to the poor.
And even if it did, nobody in their right mind would share it with you unless they were a rebellious young millionaire with an attitude. 😉
So if you’re fast enough and lucky enough to get beyond this page onto the next one…
I will simply say…
Welcome to the big leagues,
Join a world where people are using Commission Crusher to swoop in undetected… and scoop up to $200 to $500 per day in your first week… EASY.Finding a few more of these hidden money springs which now are no longer hidden.
They’re completely exposed and laid bare like cleavage in a wet t-shirt contest.
And ripe for the picking…

It’s easier than you think.

It’s easier than anything you’ve ever seen. (I guarantee it)
It’s kinda like seeing the dealer’s hand before he throws down the cards. (and knowing his next move too)
It’s almost unfair. (it is unfair, but so what?)
No more guesswork. (none of it…)
No more wondering if it’ll work. (because it will)
You’re probably wondering what I’m gonna charge you…for a software that brings you eye to eye with billions of dollars in profits… yours to plunder as big and as often as you please.
And choosing a price is a funny thing.
Because you understand that you’re about ot receive access to a cash funnel pulling hefty sums of cash from every nook and cranny of the web like it’s your own personal ATM machine.
Let’s face it.
Any price I put on this sucker… is an insult to you… and me.So here’s how we’re gonna do this… I charge you a small fraction of what this is worth.

That’s all we sell.
Then we shut down. If somebody drops out, we let a new guy or gal in. We’ll play that pathetic little game of musical chairs for about a week.
And then we seal the door shut for good.
There’s only so much room I can handle in my inner circle.
That way I get my kicks watching 500 lives change overnight.
So if you’re watching this now…
Be advised.
Odds are… you’re looking at your ONLY good shot at getting in.
You’re either in, or you’re out. Makes no difference to me.
So don’t sweat it at my expense.
So what’s the price gonna be?
That’s the question isn’t it…
Well lets be honest, your entrance fee isn’t going to move the needle for me one way or the other.
I’ve got far more money thanks to Commission Crusher than I’ll ever need…
I get off on creating new rags to richest stories…
I’m looking forward to watching my new crew of proteges scientifically take over the Internet.
So we’re gonna price this so anybody…yeah even you welfare folks… can foot this bill.
Software that SHOULD be selling for Thousands… ain’t selling for THOUSANDS. It ain’t selling for hundreds either…
In fact…I’l let it go for just $97.
And just $47 for the first 35 to snatch this up right now…
So that’s the story.
It’s yours for 47 bucks. Makes me mad even hearing that… so you might want to grab this one before I have second thoughts.
The fact is, if you have to be convinced to shell out 47 bones to access a software that brings the entire wealth of the Internet to your fingertips.
Well, if you need to be convinced about that… then you never belonged here in the first place.
Don’t like losing 47 dollars? So don’t. How’s this for a lopsided deal?
You make small fortunes with Commission Crusher NOW. Then decide to pay me later.

If you’re in the mood of course..

That’s kinda like going into a 5 Star Restaurant. The waiter brings out the wine… the cavier… the steak and a side of ribs…
A few days later you get a call from the restaurant.
“Hello Sir your meal last Tuesday came out to 1,848.58… care to pay for that?”
You say: “No thanks” and they say “Thank you sir…have a nice day.”
That doesn’t happen to you. It doesn’t happen to anyone.

The only question is, what will be your cut out of the 2.3 billion dollar profit pie…
For a 2 full months.
And if you don’t like this software, don’t like the look, don’t like the size of the file or you don’t like my Canadian accent when I say “about” in the how to videos…
Keep every penny.
In short…

Check this out now. Get in there and start making some real money.
And we’ll figure out if you want to pay more for it later… ok?

As this comes to a close…
Let’s just stop and gain some perspective on the sort of U-turn your now life is about to take…
I want you to take a moment to visualize what your new life post-Commission Crusher can be.
Just close your eyes…
I want you to seriously stop and think. How that would feel?
Sure you’ve got more money tied up in investments…
But you like to keep six figures in checking… like I do.
Just in case…
Just so that whatever comes up…
you can say yes to it.
So when you’re picking up wine and they offer you the finest bottle in the store…
You say YES.
When you wife wants to go on vacation in Maui…
You say YES.
When your wife wants that necklace from Tiffanies… you say yes to that too.
And reap the benefits.
Imagine a life without budgeting…
Do you know how good it really feels to be able to talk about something OTHER than money?
Do you even remember who you were before money heachaches stole your soul?
This is your chance to find out.
And do it without work or struggle.
Because your system is making you money whether you sleep or are awake…
Don’t forget that you’ve got options.
Behind door number 1 you can keep up what you’ve been doing…
praying to the Google gods… to finally show your spammy Clickbank affiliate site some love. Good luck. (cough)
And you can keep frolicking through the endless maze of biz ops… from hyena like gurus who would LOVE to punk you out of more of your lunch money… this is what they do best.
Or you can go with door #2.

My door.
A chance to step into something real… something proven to make millions.
Not just for me… but for my countless number of students… who were in the exact same boat you’re in now.
And a chance to do with someone who will actually take you on his shoulders when necessary…to take you across the goal line.
To make sure you achieve every last little greedy goal you can possibly dream.
You can keep imagining that… or you can go get it. Not next week. But RIGHT NOW.

Steve Iser
If you want to make money, as in today, not tomorrow, but today, then download this NOW and click the download button.
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